Waters Muddy - Rock Me tab

From: euakan@eua.ericsson.se (Theo Kanter)
Subject: TAB: Rock Me -- Muddy Waters

Due to the overwhelming response in these newsgroups (zero), I submit the following
tab in the hope that there is at least someone who appreciates these tunes (me?).
From memory:

~Title:	Rock Me
Artist:	Muddy Waters

Riff 1 (E)e-|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|---B-|--2--0-----------------|--2--0-----------------|--2--0-----------------|---G-|--2--0--1-----------1--|--2--0--1-----------1--|--2--0--1-----------1--|---D-|--2--0--2-----------2--|--2--0--2-----------2--|--2--0--2-----------2--|---A-|--------2--2-----2--2--|--------2--2-----2--2--|--------2--2-----2--2--|---E-|-----------0--3--0-----|-----------0--3--0-----|-----------0--3--0-----|---
Riff 2 (A)e-|-----------------------|-----------------------|---------------------------B-|-----------------------|-----------------------|---------------------------G-|-----------------------|-----------------------|---------------------------D-|--7--------5-----------|--7--------5-----------|---------------------------A-|--7--5--7--------------|--7--5--7--------------|---------------------------E-|--5--------------------|--5--------------------|---------------------------
Riff 3 (E) (A)e-|--------------------------------------|------------------------------------B-|--------------------------------------|------------------------------------G-|--------------------------------------|------------------------------------D-|--------------------------------------|--0--1--2--0--2--0------------------A-|--0--1--2--0--1--2--0--1--2--0--1--2--|--------------------2--1--0---------E-|--------------------------------------|-----------------------------0--3--0
The recording is in F and it sure sounds better in F, so just use your index finger in barr?e in the 1st position. Maybe this is do to that there are open strings in E. The way a verse of 'Rock Me' is played is (with a definite shuffle feeling or in 12/8): Riff 1 (instrumental) Riff 2 (vocals) Riff 1 (instrumental) Riff 2 (vocals) Riff 1 (instrumental) Riff 3 (turnaround with vocals) Have fun, --theo Please note the power chord in riff 2 so Jimmy Page couldn't have been first but on the other hand all these guys listened to Robert Johnson, who listened to Lonnie Johnson and Son House, who listened to Blind Lemon Jefferson who listened to ... ;-) --- Theo Kanter ELLEMTEL Telecommunication Systems Laboratories Box 1505, S-125 25 [lvsj| (AElvsjoe), Sweden Office: +46 8 727 35 93 Fax : +46 8 647 82 76 Telex : 12452 EUA S Mail : Theo.Kanter@eua.ericsson.se
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