Watson Doc – Deep River Blues tab

I love this tune too Bill and have been working on it for a while.  I
start it with these chords E7 and E flat7 and back to E7, up the neck:

-------7--- and the E flat 6 -------6---------5--- (if that's it's name) -------5---------7-- ------6---------6 - -------5--
xxxxxxx xxxxxx---------0--- --------0--
The progression then goes: (E7) Give me back (E flat 6) my old boat (E7) I'm gonna sail boys (A) if she'll float (E, played at 1st fret) I've got them deep river (B7)blues
(E7) If my boat (Efl6) sinks with me (E7) I'm going down boys (A)don't you see (E)I've got them (B7)deep river (E) blues This is the first TAB I've tried so I hope it was clear enough, enjoy.
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