Wavorly – Praise And Adore chords

Wavorly: Praise and Adore (Some live without it)
Tuning: Half Step Down

C#mWhat I have to say is obvious
BA knowledge free, for all of us are
C#mYour Word leaves us with no excuse
BThe paths we choose make us who we are
AThere’s a breeze blowing through here tonight
ESo I praise and adore You
C#mLay it all down before You
AIn every way You’re beautiful
BFrom my heart
EI praise and adore
C#mYou made the world beautiful
AI cannot stand and deny
BYou created life
EAnd some live without it
C#mWake up morning sunrise in my eyes
BAt night the moon lights all the sky
(Still some say You didn’t do a thing)
C#mThe sound of hope that’s in the air
BIn everything, it’s everywhere
(Reveals a truth that’s worth remembering)
AThere’s a breeze blowing through here tonight
A B (C#m)It’s true, it’s all You
A BAnd every breath I take
There’s no way
C#m BAccident created this place
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