Waxahatchee – I Think I Love You chords

Capo 6th fret

C AmIt's late
C AmWe are not awake
C AmAnd I smashed my phone
C AmI am learning how to be alone
C Am x2
C Am Resoundingly
C AmUnpretty girl stares back at me
C AmAnd I become
C AmWhat everyone's harboring from
FAnd is it your fault?
GNo I think it's my fault
C Am x2
C AmWe digress
C AmYou're inhaling smoke, emotionless
C AmSomewhere on a map
C AmUnaware that I am falling flat
FAnd you will hurt me
GAnd I deserve it
C Am x2
C AmIt's late
C AmYou are not awake
C AmAnd it's nothing
C AmI want you so bad it's devouring me
FAnd I think I love you
GBut you'll never find out
C Am x2 end on C
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