Waxahatchee – Singers No Star chords

Intro: D C Bm G x2

Verse 1:
D C Mostly all the time
Bm Gwill go to you
D C Coming up for air
Bmfor all the people
G Dwho Recognize the
C Bmsadness in a stranger
G D C Bm Gwith less to lose
D C Bm G Chorus 1:
Bm GWe get comfortable
Dwith our detachment
Ato our oldest friends
BmAnd you got me here
Gwhere I'm left alone
DI'm not the only
Athing you ever left
Post Chorus: D C Bm G x2 Verse 2:
D C If I were to spoil
Bm G Da victory Or accept
Call of your trust
Bmand praise in spite
G Dof me Will you
recognize the
Cfailure in my
Bm G D C Bm Gvoice before I leave?
D C Bm G Chorus 2:
Bm GWe sit on a crowded
ship It's not the
Dending that's the
Atragic part If you'd
Bm Gget off my shoulders
Dand sit beside me
Awe would both be fine
Outro: D C Bm G x4 D(hold)
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