Youre Welcome chords with lyrics by Waxahatchee - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Waxahatchee – Youre Welcome chords

Intro: C x2

Verse 1:
C G/B Am I cried all night
Gwhen you came
Fto my side
EmIt was late
DmIt was trite
Verse 2:
C G/B Am Mothers pray for
Ga padlock on their
F Emdoor Half their
Dmlove is just ignored
CYou can run
G/BYou can fight
AmYou can hunt
Gfor company
Ftonight We can
Croll on the
G/Bfloor You can
Ampretend you don't
G Fhold back anymore
CAnd if we sleep
G/Bhalf the day You
Amcould say that
Gyour luck
Fis on its way
FWe live by the
G Fword a stranger
Goverheard You'll
Gseem tall
C G/B Am A healthy machine
G FHeavy breathing
GIn the lake of
F Gan ancient mistake
G(hold)That lingers
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