Wedding Present – Spangle tab

Hi. this is my first real attempt at tabbing, so please feel free to submit anything you have that works better...

This is the Peel sessions version (i.e. the one with guitars)

Intro/chorus: I find it easiest to hold the following shape for this part:

But keep in mind that you have to keep a finger spare. The picking pattern is as follows (listen to the track for timings)
The verses are really really really easy. All you have to do is hold a regular D chord and play the following:
Couldn't be easier The Outro is more of the same really:
Exact Structure is like this: Intro/chorus X2 Verse X8 Intro/chorus X2 Verse X8 Intro/chorus X4 Outro X8 Lyrics: (taken from, then fixed up to fit this version) I'm glad you found the time to ring Oh I just spent all day waiting I need to know what's happening Well at least we both agree I really don't know where to start Well did you say you met some neighbour? I guess I'm heading for a broken heart Why are you doing this to me? It's all clear, I can hear And I'm not going to share you with no one Well surprise, I've got eyes Now goodbye How long have you had this planned? I guess it shows how much you care No, I understand I just played the fool Oh sure I'm going to let you go Well I was wrong to ever trust you But I don't think that I'll ever know How you could be so cruel It's all clear, I can hear And I'm not going to share you with no one Well surprise, I've got eyes Now goodbye It's all clear, I can hear And I'm not going to share you with no one Well surprise, I've got eyes Now goodbye
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