Weebls Stuff - Amazing Horse chords version 1

Posted by: GubiiTheFish

- Capo 1


EmLook at my horse.
My horse is amazing.
CGive it a lick.
DMmmm, it tastes just like raisins.
EmI've a stroke of its mane.
It turns into a plane,
Cand then it turns back again
G Dwhen you tug on its winky.
EmOooh that's dirty!
Do you think so?
CWell I better not show you
G Dwhere the lemonade is made.
EmSweet lemonade,
Mmm sweet lemonade,
CSweet lemonade,
G DYeah sweet lemonade.
--(Electronic Solo)--
CGet on my horse.
D EmI'll take you round the universe,
Gand all the other places too.
C DI think you'll find that the universe
Empretty much covers everything.
G EmShut up woman, get up on my horse!
- Then Repeat.
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