Weed Diamond – Nothing To Write Home About chords

No matter how I tried, I could not understand the lyrics -_- But the chords seem to be 
correct! ^_^ So do not be angry with me :) Actually, you can use everything as lyrics, 
because in this song it doesn't matter :D

Listen to the song for timing. Please post corrections in the comments. Enjoy. Oh, and 
greetings from Russia! :)

C Am F Ge-0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0---1--0--1--0---3--0--3--0----|B-1-----1------1-----1------1-----1------0-----0-------|G-0-----0------2-----2------2-----2------0-----0-------|D-2-----2----2-2-----2----2-3-----3----3-0-----0----1--|A-3-----3----3-0-----0----0-3-----3----3-2-----2----2--|E---------------------------1-----1----1-3-----3----3--|
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