Weezer - I Dont Want To Let You Go tab version 1

Okay.... So I've been wanting someone to tab this damn solo. Since no one did it, I'll do it. 
It sounds off to me, so if you have a more accurate version upload it. 
But I think this sounds somewhat similar. This is also my first tab, so here it is.

Way One:This is how I figured it out.E|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|B|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|G|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|D|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|A|-------------|-----------------|-----------------|E|0-2--3-5--7-5|---7-9--7-5--7-10|-10-10--9-7--9-10|
Way Two:This is if you rather go down the stringsE|---------------|-----------------|-----------|B|---------------|-----------------|-----------|G|---------------|-----------------|-----------|D|---------------|------------0----|0-0-------0|A|-------0-2-0---|-2-4--2-0--2-----|----4-2-4--|E|0-2-3----------|-----------------|-----------|
Tabbed by Big Bird email: gamer4liv@yahoo.com
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