Wendy Sulca – These Memories tab

                 Repeat 2x, then sing with 4x 

These lyrics go with the tabs. Memories i live with forever. The good and the bad,the fun and the sad. It makes me who i am. It shows me what ive become. C D G Now i am going without a clue. C D G Wishing that i could be with you. C D G I know that i hurt you inside. C D G I wish that we could compromise. E mi C G Now i must move on. E mi C G Living life without you. E mi C G D Im sorry for what i put you through. E mi C G D E mi But these memories,I wont forget about you. E mi C G D No i wont forget the times we had together. E mi C G D These thoughts of you,they keep me up at night. E mi C G D I pretended that were going last forever. E mi C G D E mi But these memories,they shut off the light to my life. E mi C G D E mi C G D They shut off the light to my life. E mi C G D E mi Old memories,old memories,these memories
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