Westlife - Rose chords

Thought I would submit a version of this that was correct and was in a key for a 
guy to sing who's balls have dropped LOL.... use dynamics between verses

THE ROSE         

G DSome say love, it is a river,
C D GThat drowns the tender reed
(Stay on G Chord) D Some say love, it is a razor,
C D GThat leaves your soul to bleed
Bm EmSome say love it is a hunger,
C DAn endless aching need
G DI say love it is a flower and
C D GYou its only seed
G DIt's the heart afraid of breaking
C D GThat never learns to dance
(G) DIt's the dream afraid of waking
C D GThat never takes a chance
Bm EmIt's the one, who won't be taken
C DWho cannot seem to give
G DAnd the soul afraid of dying
C D GThat never learns to live
G DWhen the night has been too lonely
C D GAnd the road has been too long
(G) DAnd you feel that love is only
C D GFor the lucky and the strong
Bm EmJust remember in the winter
D C D-DsusFar beneath the bitter snow
G DLies the seed that with the sun's love,
C D Em7 2bars G (A non resolving finish!!)In the spring becomes the rose
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