Wet Wet Wet - Julia Says chords version 1

Title: Julia Says
Artist: Wet Wet Wet
Album: Picture This
Tuning: Standard

Bb Am7 Here we go again,
D7 CmThru the backstreets of my mind
Cm/Bb Am7 D7It seems my life was standing still
Gm EbM7/F# Whoís sorry now,
EbM7/F EbM7/E Itís funny how
Eb5 F Eb5 FI didnít know it
Bb Am7 Here we go again,
D7 CmFighting things we never win
Cm/Bb Am D7It seems our love was standing still
Gm EbM7/F# Iím sorry now
EbM7/F EbM7/E Itīs funny how
Eb5 FI donít feel the love
Eb5 F I just hear the words
Bb Julia says
Bb/G# GmShe doesnít know what itís all about
BM7/F# BbShe doesnít seem to care at all
Bb/G# Gm Open your eyes and see
BM7/F# FLove hurts
I wonít be fooled again Looking for the dreams I couldnít find The dreams for me were left behind Iím sorry now Itís funny how I donít feel the love I just hear the words
Bb Bb/G# Julia please
Gm EbM7Open your eyes and see
F# G# BbJulia wants to be on her own
F# G# Sharing her thoughts
BbShe is all alone
F# G# Dreaming of the things
BbShe wants to be
F# G# BbWhere julia donít belong
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