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Wheezywaiter – Banana Song chords

The Song:
Craig's website:
I play this with a capo on the 5th fret. It's really played with bar chords, but 
with a capo it's much easier, especially for beginners. All chords are relative to the capo.

[E] Bananas, Bananas, they're [Em] sitting on my fridge
[E] Bananas, Bananas, they [Em] look just like a bridge
[E] Bananas, Bananas, you can [Em] throw them on the floor
[E] Bananas, Bananas, you can [Em] not throw them on the floor

(For this part, strum the bottom 4 strings.)

[Am] Yum yum yum yumPotassium
[E] Coats my belly
[Am] When I wake upWith coffee cup
[E] And Regis and Kelly [Am] Oh how it [E] feels To be [Em] buried in the [E] peels [E] Bananas, Bananas, they [Em] grow out of the earth [E] Bananas, Bananas, shaped [Em] like expecting birth [E] Bananas, Bananas, you can [Em] eat them all at once [E] Bananas, Bananas, there’s an [Em] unsuspecting dunce [E] Bananas, Bananas, you can [Em] make them into bread But [E] if you eat too much, you'll [Em] be banana dead [E] Bananas, Bananas, they can [Em] help you count your time [E] One banana, two banana, [Em] thr- oh that’s a lime [Am] Oh how it [E] feels To be [Em] buried in the [E] peels [Am] Oh it [E] appeals To your [Em] taste buds while eating [E] meals Hope this is helpful for anyone who wants to learn to play this hilarious song =)
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