Whind Of Change - Ill Be There tab

Artist:Whind of Change
Song: I'll be there
Summited by Bryant Barrera

Verse 1 X2 x2 x2 x2E-----0----|-----0-------------|-----0----|-----0----|B-------0--|-------0-----------|-------0--|-------0--|G--6-------|--4----------------|--2-------|--4-------|D--6-------|--4----------------|--2-------|--4-------|A----------|-------------------|----------|----------|E----------|-------------------|----------|----------|
Iíll be there to pick you up Iíll never let you down My worlds an empty blur When you not around Iíll be there to see you leave I wonít forget you face Maybe someday Iíll go and leave this place Chorus
Causeí Iím never let in Iím always let out I talk in a whisper I hear in a shout Close my eyes and all I see is the blindness that you feel for me Talk to you, you donít listen a moment without you is one Iím missing RIFF 1 Verse2 I see you standing there youíre close enough to touch But all I do is stare at what I can never have At what will never be I wish I would had said I wish that you could see that you are the only one for me Chorus RIFF 1 Verse3 Causeí What I wanted to say Never came out the what Causeí what you wanted to do I only got in the way
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