Whiplash – Spit On Your Grave tab

Whiplash - Spit On Your Grave
Submitted By: Nick S.
EMail: Pantera9560@aol.com

If you have any questions, E-mail me w/ the subj. "Whiplash tabs" but I must 
warn you I probably won't be able to answer your question(s) 'cause I bought
this CD used on EBay & it's in bad condition so I have to send it back. I decided
I'd learn a few songs from the album that don't skip before I send it back 'cause
there are no other Whiplash tabs anywhere on the entire freakin Internet that
I'm aware of. I hope this tab is helpful to you, I think it will be, but you MUST
view it in full screen.

Riff 1G-----------3-0-6-5-3--------------------------------D-----------3-0-6-5-3--------------------------------A--------------------------------9--8--6--9--8--6----E-000000000-----------000000000--7--6--4--7--6--4----
Riff 2G-4------4----7--------------------------------D-4------4----7------5-----5-----5-----5-----A-2------------------5-----5-----5-----5-----E----------------000---000---000---000-------
Riff 2 ending - Play B5 chord let it ring a sec than a quick C#5 chord
Riff 3D----------------------------------4-----4-4-----4-3------3-3-4-6----A-3-----3-3-----3-3-----3-3-----3--2-222-2-2-222-2-1-111-1-1-2-4----E-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1-1-111-1------------------------------------
2nd solo - There is nothing played in the background of the 2nd solo, so if you can't make up a solo, then just make up a really crappy solo. Riff 4 - Play F5 chord let it ring then play G#5 chord and let it ring. Song order: Intro/ending 3x Riff 1 4x Riff 2 3x w/ Riff 2 ending after 3rd time Riff 1 3x Riff 2 3x w/ Riff 2 ending after 3rd time Riff 3 4x 2nd solo Riff 1 twice Riff 2 3x w/ Riff 2 ending after 3rd time Riff 4 3x Then play E5 chord & let it ring & then strum a C5 chord a lot. Then play intro/ending twice and a quick F5 chord after the second time. Tony Bono: Bass Tony Portaro: Guitar, vocals Tony Scaglione: Drums
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