Whiskey Myers – Mud chords

D  G  D  G  D

DOh Lord won't you let me stay in the place where I was born?
DIn the fields Granddaddy tilled and all my seeds are sown
G EAin't no love for a poor dirt farmer genuine son of the south
G D DAnd the water's high and the bills are too and the levy tumbling down
E GDaddy owed the banker man
E GSo we was drowning before the flood
E GThat river washed us all away
E GLeft us right here in the mud
D G D G Yeah in the mud
D G D DWe built this house upon the Mississippi back in 1879
D G D GOver a hundred years my family's been here barely scraping by
DWe just some good old country folks just trying to weather the G
DHow we gonna pay when the interest rates done got higher than the
E GAin't no man gonna take it away
E G'Cause it's deep down in my blood
E GStep across that old property line
EAnd you'll die
GRight here in the mud
GYeah in the mud
[Solo] D G x5 D G E D D A D A D A D E G [Verse]
D EWho's this creeping through the sticks
G ELet me talk at 'em with my thirty ought six
D EA couple city guys with suits and ties
GBet they can't feel this crosshair right between their eyes
D EI got no place to go and no place to run
GJust a dirt farmer's boy with his Granddaddy's gun
D EStep across that line I'm gonna tell you son
G D G DWe're all gonna die right here in the mud
G D G D G Yeah in the mud
[Outro] D G D G D G D G D G E D
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