White Bryan – One Small Miracle tab

Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 01:24:10 -0500
From: Brian Wilhelm 
Subject: CRD:  w/white_bryan/one_small_miracle.crd

One Small Miracle
Written by Steve Warner and Bill Anderson
Recorded by Brian White
Album:  The Right Place

Transcribed By:  Brian Wilhelm

Intro:  D

D				G
She's standing at the front door
G			 D    
With her suitcase in her hand
D			    A
I'm staring down the hallway
A	       D		
frozen where I stand
D				G
She says she doesn't love me anymore
G		   D
Oh lord what can I do
D				      A
It's gonna take a miracle to make her stay
A		      D
That's why I'm asking you


D			C   G
Please don't you have a miracle
G		 D
Just lying around
D	  A
One small miracle nobody needs
Send it on down
D		   C		G
I'll never make it through this night
G			    D
Thinking she's with someone else
D		 A
Please don't you have just one small
A	G   D
Miracle left

Verse Two:

D			     G
I know I haven't been a saint
G				  D
And asking you for anything takes nerve
D				A
Cause you've already blessed me
A				   D
With so much more in life than I deserve
D				   G
But if you can make a blind man see
G			 D
Or change the water into wine
D			A
Surely you can keep her
A				   D
From tearing out this old heart of mine

Repeat Chorus 1 time then come back to here:

D		 A
Please don't you have
Just one small
A	G   D
Miracle left

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