White Lies – Price Of Love chords

Em Em………………………………….
Emdon't lay a finger I said,
Gbut he held her with five
Dsus4 Am Emkissed the crest of her lips and put his hand on her thigh
Emone million in a week
Gor the girl is gonna go
Dsus4 Am EmI'd kill you in a second, he laughed yeah I know
CI won eight hundred thousand on a game show
Am Gbut it's not enough to win her back
C as my tears hit the floor, he still said no
Am Gcome on man give me some slack
CI looked at the case, he said I'll show you her blood
Am Dsus4 Em GI screamed down the phone line: so is this the price of love?
Em Gwhen I stare in your eyes I see the image of god
Dsus4 Emwell girl listen out for the phonecall and pray for a flood
Em GI called at a quarter past 9 and said I've done all I can
Dsus4 Emhe said you win some you lose some I feel bad for you man
Dsus4 Emhe slammed down the phone, took his coat from the bed
Dsus4 Emshe said what happens now, to your husband you're dead
Dsus4 Emshe said I love you, and pleaded for a hero to save
Dsus4 Emyou knew deep inside that he planned it this way
C I gave him my heart now he's left it to die
Am Gand I know I can't go back
C he walks out the room, shouted see you around
Am Gshe begged, come on give me some slack
Cyou said, there's no hope but babe you can wait for that dove
Am Dsus4 Em Gshe screamed from the window, so is the price of love?
Em Gsaid is this the price of love?
Em Gsaid is this the price of love?
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