White Stripes – Candy Cane Children tab

| Candy Cane Children		    |
| Words and Music by Jack White     |
| Tabbed by Patrick Ferris          |  

| Tab Definitions:									  |
|  Dm: xx0231										  |
|   G: 320003										  |
|   F: 133211										  |
|   C: x32010										  |
| C/B: x22010										  |
|   A: x02220										  |
|   h: Hammer onto note									  |
|   p: Pull off of note									  |
|  (): Heavily muted note								  |
|   X: Strumming of muted strings							  |
|   >: Decreasing tempo									  |
|P.M.: Palm Muting									  |
|N.C.: No Chord played									  |

Perhaps influenced by Dolly Parton's "Jolene."

INTRO: P.M. on lower notes Dm Dmsus2 Dmsus4e|-----0h1-------3p2-------0h1---------------0h1---------1--B|------------3----------2--------(3)-----------------------G|-(2)------2-2-------2--------(2)---(2)--2------(3)--2-----D|----------0---------0-------------------0-----------0-----A|----------------------------------------------------------E|----------------------------------------------------------
Dm Dmsus2 Dm Why don't you open me up? VERSE 1: Dm Candy Cane Girl G Dm F N.C. Don't you know your name, girl? (yeah) C N.C. Dm Dmsus4 Dmsus2 Twelve people gonna ask you just the same, girl What a world G Dm Dmsus2 Dmsus4 Christmas once a year, girl F N.C. C N.C. Dm That's three hundred and sixty four tears, girl Dm
CHORUS: C C/B A So when Christmas finally comes C C/B A And nobody's got a gun C C/B A And you think it might be fun G To hang around Think again girl Dm Dm Dm X Dm Dm Dm X Dm Dmsus2 Dmsus4 Dmsus2 Dm Dmsus2 Dmsus4 Dmsus2 Why don't you open me up huh? VERSE 2: Candy Cane Boy Don't you know your name, boy? Nine people gonna tell you just the same, boy You're alone, son In the middle of a million And nobody knows how to talk to children CHORUS Oh, when Christmas finally comes And nobody's got a gun And you think it might be fun To get a new toy Think again boy
BREAK 1: Dm >e|-0-1-3-1-0---0-1-0---0----1--0-1-3-1-0---0-1-0---0----1--0-1-2-2-1h2p1p0---0-1-0---0--1--B|-----------3-------3------3------------3-------3------3------------------3------------3--G|-----------------------2--2------------------------2--2--------------------------2----2--D|--------------------------0---------------------------0-------------------------------0--A|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Played 4x: P.M. Dme|-0-1-3-1-0---0-1-0---0----1--B|-----------3-------3------3--G|-----------------------2--2--D|--------------------------0--A|-----------------------------E|----------------------------- Ahhh
CHORUS: Oh, when Christmas finally comes And no one's got a gun And you think it might be fun To make a stand Think again man
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