Who – Heatwave tab

||: A   D/A   A   D/A :|| (E F# E C#) 
||: Bm  | C#m   | F#m   | F#m    :|| 
| Bm    | C#m   | D     | E      ||: A   D/A  A  D/A :|| (E F# E C#) 
  Ahh..                              Heatwave... 
             Bm      C#m         F#m               F#m 
Whenever I'm with you, something inside (something inside) 
          Bm        C#m        F#m                 F#m 
Starts to burn deep     and my heart's filled with fire 
Bm                C#m              
Could be that I'm very sentimental  
      D                           E 
Or is this just the way love's supposed to be 
        A   D/A..... 
I got a heatwave burning in my heart 
I can't keep from crying, tear me apart 
Whenever she calls my name 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can't explain 
I feel, yeah, I feel 
Yeah, I feel this burning pain 
Has high blood pressure got a hold on me 
Or is this just the way love's supposed to be 
{repeat Chorus} 
Sometimes I'd see her face 
It is all over the place 
I can't explain it, don't understand it 
I ain't never felt this way before 
Yeah, has this funny feeling got me amazed 
My head's in a whirl  
And my mind's in a haze 
{repeat Chorus} 
Oh, yeah... 
Oh, yeah... 
I've got time now 
Don't miss another chance 
This could be a new romance 
{repeat Chorus} 
display solos and tips{version 1 fade out} ||-----------------|| ||-----------------|| ||.---------------.|| ||.----7-5--------.|| ||---------7-7-7---|| ||-5-5-------------||
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