Who – Baba Oreilly tab

Guitar 1: 
e  x 
B  x 
G 10 
D 10 
A   8  
E  x 
Pick quickly A-A-D-D-G-G-D-D-A-A-D-D-G-G-D-D (all sixteenth notes) over and
(Technically, this is until the end of the song, when the violin comes in.)

Guitar 2: 
e  13 
B 13 
G 10 
D  x 
A  x 
E  x 
Pick quickly G-G-B-B-e (The G and B strings are played as sixteenth, the e
is picked as an eighth) 
After 5 repetitions, the piano enters, after four piano and synth parts,
the drums and bass enter.  The piano and bass play a simple 
F-C-Bb progression 
For guitar in place of piano, it is played 
      F                                            C     Bb 
e    5                                             3      1 
B    6                                             5      3 
G    5                                             5      3 
D    x                                             x      x   
A    x                                             x      x 
E    x                                             x      x 
The first verse is played the same way: 
F               C     Bb 
Out here in the fields 
I fight for my meals  
I get my back into my living 
I don't need to fight  
To prove I'm right 
I don't need to be forgiven 
(yeah yeah yeah yeah ye-ah!) 
NOW Townshend throws in the power chords along the same rhythm (F-C-Bb) 
Play that pattern 5 times, then it softens for the bridge: 
Play C5 three times, then softly strum a first-position C chord 
(With the opening F5 synth pattern only:) 
Don't cry 
Don't raise your eyes 
It's only a teenage wasteland 
The chords ring in again, with bass and drums, the synth still rolling 
Sally take my hand 
We'll travel south cross land 
Put out the fire but don't look past my shoulder 
The exodus is here 
The happy won't come near 
Let's get together before we get much older 
A soft guitar solo, in the same key, but one I can't figure out yet. 
Hitting a few F5 chords, the drums and bass ring back in and the bar chords
return in the F-C-Bb pattern: 
Teenage wasteland! 
Teenage wasteland! 
Teenage wasteland, oh yeah! 
Teenage wasteland! 
They're all wasted! 
F chord: 
e: -12-13-15--12-13-15-1213-15 
Repeat, over a C then Bb chord, then, over C e: -15-13-15-13-15-12--15-13-15-12-13-15-12-----15
The violin comes in over the synth part, which fades out as the violin plays until the end, when the synth returns for a crescendo up onto yet again the F5 chord. A classic, a masterpiece--only Pete Townshend (although any group doing this without Keith Moon on drums loses something!) Kevin Cherry
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