Who – Heaven & Hell tab

Date:        Thu, 15 Jun 95 18:19:34 EDT
From: Jeremy Larsen 
SONG  > "Heaven and Hell"
ALBUM > Who's Missing
YEAR  > 1970

This is a John Entwistle song that can stand proudly beside Pete's better
moments... if you don't have any good bootleg versions of this song, get
the new Live at Leeds CD (no LP unfortunately)... they often opened shows
with this song, and it cuts the studio version (which the Who don't like)
I think this sounds best when everything (except maybe the E) is done with
barre chords...

A  F  D  A    x2

A G A G    <-- cool punchy rock type riffin' continues through first lines...

     A         G          A              G             A
On top of the sky is the place where you go if you've done nothing wrong

           G            E
If you've done nothing wrong

     A                          G                          C         C C# D
And down in the ground is the place where you go if you've been a bad boy

           C        C C# D
If you've been a bad boy

              A            G         Eb    G
Why can't we have eternal lives and never die?

Eb     G
Never die?

A G A G.....


Let me know if you have different chords for this!!!

Jeremy Larsen
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