Who – Tattoo tab

Bb+b5:     xx8760
Fmaj7:     xx7560
Cadd9:     xx5530
Bbadd9+b5: xx3310 (denoted by BbII below)
D/C#:      x4x232 or x4x23x
G/B:       x20033 or x2003x
Dadd2:     xx0230
D:         xx0232
Ano3rd:    x02255

[intro and verse pattern]| Bb+b5 | Fmaj7 | Cadd9 | Bbadd9+b5 ||----0-----0--|----0-----0--|----0-----0--|----0-----0---||---6-6---6-6-|---6-6---6-6-|---3-3---3-3-|---1-1---1-1--||--7-----7----|--5-----5----|--5-----5----|--3-----3-----||-8-----8-----|-7-----7-----|-5-----5-----|-3-----3------||-------------|-------------|-------------|--------------||-------------|-------------|-------------|--------------|
Bb+b5 Fmaj7 Me and my brother were talking to each other Cadd9 BbII Dadd2 About what makes a man a man Bb+b5 Fmaj7 Was it brain or brawn, the month you were born Cadd9 BbII Dadd2 D We just couldn't understand D G D D Dsus4 D Our old man didn't like our appearance G Asus4 Ano3 He said that only women wear long hair Bb+b5 Fmaj7 So me and my brother borrowed money from mother Cadd9 BbII Dadd2 We knew what we had to do Bb+b5 Fmaj7 We went downstairs, past the barber and gymnasium Cadd9 BbII Dadd2/D And got our arms tattooed
D D D Dsus D Welcome to my life, tat-too |-2-------------|---------|-2---2--3--2----||-3-------------|-3-------|-3---3--3--3----||-2-------------|-2-------|-2---2--2--2----||-0-------------|-0-------|-0---0--0--0----||----4----2--0--|----4-2-0|----------------||---------------|---------|----------------|
D [as above] D D I'm a man now, thanks to you D D/C# I expect I'll regret you G/B A But the skin graft man won't get you G Asus4 Ano3 Bb+b5 Fmaj7 Cadd9 BbII You'l be there when I die tattoo My dad beat me 'cause mine said mother But my mother naturally liked it and beat my brother 'Cause his tattoo was of a lady in the nude And my mother thought that was extremely rude Welcome to my life, tattoo We've a long time together, me and you I expect I'll regret you But the skin graft man won't get you You'll be there when I die, tattoo Now I'm older, I'm tattooed all over My wife is tattooed, too A rooty-toot-toot, rooty-tooty-tooty-toot Rooty-toodle-toodle tattoo too to you
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