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e: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 18:12:08 -0500
From: David Goodwin 
Subject: CRD: When I Was a Boy by The Who

"When I Was A Boy"
written by John Entwistle for The Who
(can be found on Who's Missing and Rarities)
Transcribed by David Goodwin

C    C7   F    Fmin

C    G    C

C            F
When I was a baby
	 Bb          C
I had no care in the world
   Bb    F      Bb     F	C
But now, I'm a man and troubles fill my head
C	   F            Bb         C
When I was five, it was good to be alive.
    Bb  F     Bb      F       Bb
But now I'm a man I wish that I were dead.
D      Bb          F     Fadd4   F (last two quickly)
My how time rushes by.
   Eb				    F   Fadd4   F
The moment you're born you start to die
       D   Bb         F
'cause time waits for no man.
	 Eb	     F				
And your lifespan is over before it began.

Bb     Bb7            Eb
When I sit here at my window
My life comes back to me.
 	     Gmin	    F
It's been so long since the good days.
It's been so long.

This pattern repeats, even though the verse SOUNDS different the second
time around.


David Goodwin
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