Wicked - Defying Gravity chords

Defying Gravity, from ďWickedĒ
Tabbed by Robin Young

Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2 (2x)

Db5 Gbsus2 Something has changed within me
Db5 Gbsus2 Something is not the same
Db5 Gbsus2 Db/F Gbsus2 Cbsus2Iím through with playing by the rules of someone elseís game
Dbsus DbToo late for second guessing
Cbsus2 Dbsus Db Too late to go back to sleep
Gb5/Eb Gb5/F Itís time to trust my instincts
Db/Gb Absus Close my eyes Ö and leap
Ab Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusItís time to try defying gravity
Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusI think Iíll try defying gravity
Db5 Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2And you canít pull me down
Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2
Db5 Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2 Ab(add4) Iím through ac- cepting limits
Db5 Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2 Dbsus2 ĎCause some- one says theyíre so
Db5 Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2 Ab(add4) Some things I cannot change
Db/F Gbsus2 Cbsus2But till I try, Iíll never know
Db5 Dbsus DbToo long Iíve been afraid of
Cbsus2 Db5Losing love I guess Iíve lost
Gb5/Eb Gb5/F Well, if thatís love
Db/Gb Absus It comes at much too high a cost
Ab Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusIíd sooner buy defy- ing gravity
Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusKiss me goodbye, Iím defy- ing gravity
Ab7sus Amaj9(#11)And you canít pull me down
B6(add4)My future is unlimited
C#m9 Amaj9(#11) B6(add4) Emaj7 Un- li- mi- ted
Amaj9(#11) G#m11 C#m11 And Iíve just had a vision almost like a prophecy
Bsus/A Am6 E/G# A(add9)I know it sounds truly crazy
E/B B9susAnd true, the visionís hazy
G(add9) Gmaj7 G6 Cmaj9 C6 Cmaj7 G#m7(no5)But I swear, someday Iíll be up in the sky
Esus2 F#susDefy- ing gravity
G#m7(no5) Esus2 F#susFlying so high, defy- ing gravity
F#7sus B5 Ė F#/C# - B/D# - Esus2Theyíll never pull me down
Db5 Ė Ab/Eb Ė Db/F Ė Gbsus2
Db5 Gbsus2 So if you care to find me
Db5 Gbsus2 Ab Look to the western sky
Db5 Ab/Eb Db/F Gbsus2 Ab(add4) As some- one told me lately
Ebm/Gb Ebm Db/F Db Cbsus2Every- one deserves the chance to fly
Db5 Dbsus DbAnd if Iím fly- ing solo
Cbsus2 Db5 At least Iím flying free
Gb5/Eb Gb5/F To those who ground me
Db/Gb Absus Take a message back from me
Ab Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusTell them how I am de- fy- ing gravity
Bbm7(no5) Gbsus2 AbsusIím flying high, de- fy- ing gravity
Ebm/F Fm7 Bbm Gbm/AAnd soon Iíll match them in re- known
Absus/Gb Ab7sus/FAnd nobody in all of Oz
Abm7/Eb Abm7(add4)/Eb Ab9sus/Db Gb(add9)/DbNo wizard that there is or was
Gbm(add9)/A Ebm7(B5)/Gb Absus Ab7sus Db5 Ė Ab(add4) Ė Db/FIs ever gonna bring Ö me down
Gbsus2 Ė Db/F Ė Cb(add2)/Bb Ė Gb/Cb
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