Widespread Panic – C Brown chords

Play the following lick at the end of each line in a verse:|--------3-----------3------||--1-----3-----1-----3------||--2-----0-----2-----0------||--0-----0-----0-----0------||--3-2-0-2-----3-2-0-2------||--------3-2-0-------3-2-0--|
C G C G Verse 1:
D C. Brown wakes from bed
C G C GBrushes his teeth and he combs his head for school
D Out the door and down the street
Down to the corner and a bus and some friends
C G C GThat he's supposed to meet
DBut there, not to his surprise
C G C GHis friends have gone and they've told C a lie
G Asus4 A D
G Asus4 A D But you can walk on with me
G Asus4 A D You don't even need to say a word
G Asus4 A C C C C C# D You don't have to worry about the others
Verse 2: I C (see) him and he runs up fast Kicks at the air his friends watch him fall and then laugh Charlie really likes his friends But in his heart he knows that sometimes a dog is as good as any man Trying to do as we should That doesn't always rhyme with doing what feels good Chorus: But you can sit in the grass; it feels good You don't even need to think a word You don't have to worry, don't worry Verse 3: Charlie there is drawing a gun Right there in the square he's sketched Lucy on the run Aims his eye, cocks his head In a cloud of dust, dear old Lucy's gone Charlie's only trying the golden rule Draw unto others as they have been drawn to you Chorus: And you can walk on home with me You don't even need to think a word You don't have to worry... end on C > G > C > G > D
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