Widespread Panic - Better Off tab

Beginning Riff:|--------12---|--10--|-------------------||---14---14---|--10--|--12^10--14-12-10--||---14---14---|--11--|-------------------||---14--------|------|-------------------||-------------|------|-------------------||-------------|------|-------------------| A A D (over an A chord)
Verses: / / / / / / / /|--12-----------|--12----------||--14--14-------|--14----------||--14--14-------|--14----------||------14-------|--------------||---------------|--------------||---------------|--------------|
Verse 1: Funnin' round Grandpa's farm Really groovin' on the baby pigs Oh, I know they haven't even read the books I know Yeah, I understand the telephone But I really love to watch you talk your talk I love to watch you
Chorus: (3x)|-----p-----------10----9\---||--/12^10------------10------||---------11-9/11------------||----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------|
p (hold bend)|--12^10-------------------/1----\----||--------12\10-10-8-8-10-10--10--10---||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------|
Maybe we're better off I feel young dancing with you It happened all by itself Verse 2: What are we browning here for? Haven't we seen through this whole thing yet Gonna get together gonna write us a book Call it, 'Stop Running The World' Look like I'm back in business all over again Maybe we're better off Looking at you, looking at you there Little better, it happened all by itself (Groove on G) (Move to B)
Transition from B back to A:|--------------------------||--------------------------||--------------------------||--8-6---------------------||------8-6---6-------------||----------9---9-6-9-4-5---|
Verse 3: I see that time is fast I see the same hands on that same clock move Way too slow I'll quit talking about mys- I swear I'll quit talking about myself Maybe you can whisper enough here So I can start thinking about you Maybe we're better off Sure right looking at you (Groove on Em) Verse 4: Let's not confuse association Something we both really like I swear I quit talking I swear I quit talking about myself Just as soon as I learn to stop talking at all It would be better off Just feel you thinking about you (?) Maybe we're better off Feel good looking at you
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