Widespread Panic – Pilgrims tab

Widespread Panic
Transcribed by: Will Dorton

Main Theme:
     1st: make an open postion C major chord and move it up
          to the 8th fret.. and let your pinky finger do
          most of the fret work.

     2nd: place your middle finger on the 8th fret / 5th
          string or A string & your put ringer finger on the
          8th fret / 2nd string or B string.

|---------------7-----10--8-p7------------------------||---8----h10-------------------10---8--h10-p8----8----||.----0-------------0----------------0-------0--0-0--.||.-----9------9--------------------------------0-----.||---10------------------------------8--8---8----------||-----------------------------------------------------| ^ 1st part ^ 2nd part
Theme 2: Theme 3:|-----p-----p-----||----------5-----------5------------||----3-1---1-0----||----8-------8---8-------8---8------||--0-----0-----0--||------0-------0---0-------0---0----||-----------------||--0-----0-----------0-----------0--||-----------------||-----------------------------------||-----------------||-----------------------------------|
Main Theme (x2): Verse 1 (with Main Theme): G F Black cat crossed our path on little fog feet G F There's crows flying beside my window G F We left superstition on the roadside a few cities ago G F They spent our souls, maybe, but they didn't take our Em D C Am (0/5 2/5 3/5) C smiles Chorus: [G F C w/ Theme 2 (x3)] C Eb (see Transition Riff) We listen, [G F C w/ Theme 2 (x3)] C Eb D F (see Transition Riff) We shake, the radio
Transition Riff: * stop here first time|--------------------------------------||------1--------4--------3--------6----||--------0--------0--------0--------0--||----2--------5--------4--------7------||--3--------6--------5--------8--------||--------------------------------------| C Eb D F (slide up and down the neck in open C position)
Verse 2: There's a sweet corn princess smiling through the words on the glass Remember we stopped for tamales last time? But now the lights from the town are fading with radio There's another song playing, and we can hear it in the wind outside Chorus (with Theme 2 and transition riff): [G F C (x3)] C Eb We listen, Pilgrims [G F C (x3)] C Eb We shake, to the radio [G F C (x3)] C Eb We listen, [G F C (x3)] C Eb D F to the radio [G Eb B C Bb A w/ Theme 3 (x4)] (x2) Solo (C major) over 1 time through verse chords Verse 3 (with Main Theme): Little black kitty crossed our path wearing little fog feet And the crows they're just drifters through my window The late night city's lights are growing sharper And I hear another song, I see it pouring from the look in your eyes Chorus (with Theme 2 and transition riff): [G F C (x3)] C Eb We listen, [G F C (x3)] C Eb We shake, to the radio [G F C (x3)] C Eb Pilgrims, we listen, we shake [G F C (x3)] C Eb D F to the radio, to the radio [G Eb B C Bb A w/ Theme 3 (x4)] (x2) [G Eb B C Bb A w/ Theme 1 (x2)] ad nauseam-|Mike's Solo Solo to last part with Cmajor & penatonic scales along with related scales and many, many embellishments (according to Mike he doesn't know any scales). note: fractions are fret number over string number
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