Wilco – The Lonely 1 chords

Lonely 1
written by Jeff Tweedy

Transcription by PM (EK-OK).
Remember the pull-off notes on the high E; with the F & G chords.
There are a few more hammer on's and pull off’s in the chorus.

C        Cmaj7       Fadd2          G6  

C Cmaj7 After the show you walked right past.
F G6Arms reached out for your autograph.
C Cmaj7 And as you flashed your backstage pass.
F G6I caught your eye with a camera's flash.
Bridge: C Cmaj7 Fadd2 F G G6 Verse: When the band came out they stood behind you. Cymbals crashed, the lights went blue. You stood alone in the halo's haze. Shiny guitar hung on gold lamay; Chorus:
C F And you, you were the lonely one
C FYou were the lonely one.
Bridge (x2) Verse: When you perform it's so intense. When the critics pan I write in your defense. I understand I'm just a fan, I'm just a fan. Verse: When I get home I turn off the alarm. I've checked the phone, no messages on. I play the ones from yesterday. I play you're song just to hear you say that.... Chorus: You, you're the lonely one. You are the lonely one. You, you're the lonely one. You are the lonely one. Bridge (x2)
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