Wilco - Impossible Germany chords

Impossible Germany

Intro Chords:  [Am7] [Cmaj7] (repeat)

Impossible Germany 
[Cmaj7] Unlikely Japan
[G] [Em7]Wherever you go
[Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7]Wherever you land
[Am7sus4] Iíll say what this means to me
[Cmaj7] Iíll do what I can
[G] Em7]Impossible Germany
[Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7]Unlikely Japan
[Cmaj7] [Am7]The fundamental problem
[Cmaj7] [Am7]We all need to face
[G] [Em7]This is important
[Am7] [Cmaj7]But I know youíre not listening
[Am7] [Cmaj7]Oh I know youíre not listening
[Am7sus4] This was still new to me
[Cmaj7]I wouldnít understand
[G] [Em7]Impossible Germany
[Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7]Unlikely Japan
[Cmaj7] [Am7]This is what love is for
[Cmaj7] [Am7]To be out of place
[G] [Em7]Gorgeous and alone
[Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7] [Am7sus4] [Am7]Face to face
[Am7sus4] With no larger problems
[Cmaj7]That need to be erased
[G] [Em7]Nothing more important
[Am7] [Cmaj7]Than to know someoneís listening
[Am7] [Cmaj7]Now I know youíll be listening
---------------------------------- Solo chords: [G] [Em7] [Am7] Outro: [Am7] [Cmaj7
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