Farthest Shore tab with lyrics by Wilcox David - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Wilcox David – Farthest Shore tab

        D            C            D
We were there in the woods by the water
            D                            Em
We left our packs up against that willow tree
              Em                                 Em7
We dove right in, keeping just what we were born with:
          Em                      A
(all) Our Memories, Knowledge and Dreams

D          C            D
As I swam away from our possessions
  D                            Em
I imagined that they were gone forever more
        Em                  F#m     Bm
And for once I was glad that all I treasured
               Em                         A
Would still be with me as I reached other shore. So...

    G                    A
    Let me dive into the water,
            D                  Bm
    leave behind all that I've worked for
       Em             A           D
    Except what I remember and believe
        Em     A            D        Bm
    and when I stand on the farthest shore
    Em          A     C
    I will have all I need

After the blaze burned our cabin down to ashes
Where we'd slept warm, now the sky lets in the rain
I found the strings, frets and rusted latches
But I will never hear that old guitar again

These four walls are only in my memory
Where these stone steps rise to nothing in the air
So one last look and I'm headed for the river
To wash my hands and try to say this prayer [repeat chorus]

        Em                        F#m
When my time to live this life is over
            G                           A
I'll tip my hat when I think about that swim
       Bm                                    C
And of all the things that make a life worth living
          Em                          A G/B A/C#
That only come to those who dive right in
[repeat chorus]

Let me dive into the water
It's all I need
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