Wilcox David – Eye Of The Hurricane tab

Artist - David Wilcox
Song - Eye of the Hurricane

Tuning: Open C  (C  G  C  G  C E)
Capo on the 3rd fret

C  	0 0 0 0 0 0
F+9	5 2 0 0 0 x
G	x 0 2 0 x x
Am7	x 2 4 0 0 x
Em6	4 4 0 0 x x
D9sus4  2 2 4 0 0 x

C Tank is full, switch is on Am7 Night is warm, cops are gone F+9 Rocket bike is all her own G It's called a hurricane C She told me once it's quite a ride Am7 It's shaped so there's this place inside F+9 Where if you're moving you can hide G Safe within the rain Chorus F+9 Em6 She wants to run away G C But there's nowhere that she can go F+9 Em6 D9sus4 Nowhere the pain won't come again F+9 Em6 But she can hide G C Hide in the pouring rain F+9 G C She rides the eye of the hurricane F+9 G Tell the truth, explain to me How you got this need for speed She laughed and said "it might just be The next best thing to love." Hope is gone and she confessed When you lay your dream to rest You can get what's second best But it's hard to get enough chorus Bridge Am7 G F+9 We saw her ride so fast last night Am7 G F+9 G Racing by a flash of light Riding quick, the street was dark A shining truck she thought was parked It blocked her path, stopped her heart But not the hurricane She saw her chance to slip the trap There was just the room to pass in back But then it moved, closed the gap She never felt the pain Chorus coda F+9 G C She rides the eye of a hurricane C Am7 F+9 G C C
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