Bearcat tab with lyrics by Wilcox David - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Wilcox David – Bearcat tab

        Verse 1

  F7               Bb7   Abdim    Eb7,Bbdim,F7        Bb7      Abdim
	I went to the zoo just the other week, saw the kangaroo
                           Eb7,Bbdim,F7            Bb7   Abdim         
	had a talk with the chimpanzee. He said hey brother if you
              Eb7   Bbdim  F7         Bb7    F7 (bend 6th string behind}
	want a thing that's hip do the bearcat. {the nut up to F note}

       Verse 2
F7            Bb7    Abdim             Eb7    Bbdim   F7
	Do the bearcat mmmmmmm that's the name of this song
	             Bb7   Abdim    Eb7  Bbdim  F7
	Take a little lesson and you can't go wrong
              Bb7    Abdim             Eb7 Bbdim F7
	Do the bearcat mmmmmm that's the way we like
              Bb7     F7     
	Do the bearcat  


	It's enough to make you wanta leave your home
	It's the kinda sound that you can't leave alone
	Enough to make you wanta get a bearcat of your own
                   F7  (wild string bends)
	And make him go........

	Verse 3
F7            Bb7    Abdim   Eb7,Bbdim,F7
	Do the bearcat 
                  Bb7       Abdim   Eb7,Bbdim,F7
	ooohh he's lookin for you
              Bb7     Abdim     Eb7,Bbdim,F7    
	Do the bearcat
             Bb7    F7
        mmmmmmmmm   guitar solo for one verse then chorus, etc.

       Follow the bass to figure out chord changes. There's a lot of
wild string bends behind the nut of the guitar. Try tuning the guitar
down to make the bends a little easier on the fingers.
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