Seeing And Believing chords with lyrics by Wild Sweet Orange - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Wild Sweet Orange – Seeing And Believing chords

F Dm Am Bb   x2

[Verse 1]
F Dm Am BbI was born in Nashville
F Dm Am BbWith a song in my head
F Dm Am BbAnd it took me 20 years
F Dm Am BbTo get a guitar in my hands
[Verse 2]
F Dm Am BbAnd now that I do
F Dm Am BbI just want to sing it for you
F Dm Am BbLike it's never been said to you
F Dm Am BbOr there is nothing else that I know how to do
[Verse 3]
F Dm Am BbI can't stop singing about
F Dm Am BbAll the things I've seen and heard
F Dm Am BbWith my head against her heart
F Dm Am BbI couldn't make it work
[Verse 4]
F Dm Am BbSo now I walk the streets at night
F Dm Am BbTo say beneath her bedroom light
F Dm Am BbHold my breath as she walks by
F DmShe asks me to live for her
Am BbBut I'll often wish to die
Bb F C DmSo I pray for an angel on it's way
Bb F C DmTo comb her hair as she washes her face
Bb F C DmOh I pray for an angel on it's way
Bb F C DmTo tuck her in and keep her sane
[Break] Bb F C Dm x2 [Verse 5]
Bb F C DmThe older you get the more you cry
Bb F C DmThe more you understand those awful crimes
Bb F C DmIt's got me every evening just hoping to die so
Bb F C DmEvery morning I thank God that I'm alive
Bb F C DmSo I pray for a song it's way
Bb F C DmTo cure your ills and heal the lame
Bb F C DmSo I pray for a song on it's way
Bb F C DmTo take shape and replace our shame
[Outro] Bb F C Dm x4
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