Wildhearts - Revolution Will Be Televised tab

Hey Hey people.
Why is it that Wildhearts tableture is some of the most difficult to come across? - And
there be no sarcy remarks questioning the bands quality!
I know that this tab won't be completely, 100% accurate. Songs by The Wildhearts are
a bit a git for trying to work out, not sure why, they just seem to be. Hence why I am
aware that the following tab will not be entirely true to what is played on the record, 
it's better than nothing, and you're more than welcome to point corrections if you see fit!


Intro - The rhythm of this riff isn't the easiest to tab, so I haven't bothered! I'm
about that! You should be able to get it from the tab and the song together, but if you do
any problems, please email me and I'd be more than happy to help out. Please note that 
is played with a clean effect, the distorted guitar line is exactly the same.

This is played twice without distortion, and then twice with distortion. After that the riff comes in. Verse
You place this one, then the intro riff twice, and then the verse riff again. After the verse riff again, you play the intro riff twice again, but you hold onto the A chord heading into the chorus...
Hold onto this chord before heading into the chorus part Chorus
e-----------------|B-----------------|G--7--------------| place this twiceD--7-x4-7----9----|A--5----7-x4-9-x8-|E-------5----7----|
Then end the chorus with
Wait for the drum solo, and then you play the intro riff again for two times. Then play verse riff once, but don't go into the intro riff again. Hold on the A chord and then go the chorus. After playing the chorus (and after the little drum solo) play the intro again, and hold onto the A chord. The ending bit is... Ending Riff
Whatever you want to call the half of a song put on the end, this is it!
You play this four times all the way through palm muted. Then twice through without the strings, and then on the third time with muting, you hold the D, A, E and B chords in with the song (these are the last four chords of the ending riff). Well that's as much as I can humanly do. I hope it meets the grade, and I'm sorry if are mistakes in it. Take care everyone.
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