Wildhearts – If Life Is Like A Love Bank I Want An Overdraft tab

e: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 19:44:41 +0000
From: Hayward 
Subject: w/wildhearts/if_life_is_like_a_love_bank_i_want_an_overdraft.crd

* If Life Is Like A Lovebank I Want An Overdraft
* By the Wildhearts
* Violated from the album 'Fishing for Luckies'

Tabbed by Luke Hayward
Submitted 24/3/98

This was one of the first 'Hearts songs that I figured out. It's little
more than one main riff and a few chords so you can dive right in.

(noise and feedback)INTRO RIFF|---------------------------|---------------------------||---------------------------|---------------------------||---------------------------|---------------------------||---------------------------|---------------------------||-------8-----------10------|------8--------7-----------||---/6-----6--7--8---8------|---6-----6--8-----8--7-----|
(the astute among you will realise that this is the same riff, just in a different place. No prizes I'm afraid, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier to switch to the next chord...) {Okay, now we're set to play the song, hang on to your pick} [-INTRO RIFF-] F (palm muted) On and on you wait so long It only takes a word if you found where it went wrong [-MAIN RIFF-] F Fists, gists and communists I feel like a log, it's a dog in onyx [-MAIN RIFF-] G Take it awhile and adjust a-myself F (strike once and then mute strings) Ooh, it was something else [-MAIN RIFF-] Well, it was something else... Chorus: Am7 If life (x4) F If life (x2) D If life (x2) [-MAIN RIFF-] If life is like a love bank I want an overdraft (x4) // from here on out the rest of the lyrics follow the pattern before. it's all // fairly straightfoward. Yeah! In, in, invest to gain You go get out and you find there's nothing Take, take, the whole world rakes You don't get it back - that's a-economics Gets to my head, is it good for my health? And it was something else Well it was something else... Chorus Everyone will take it till there's nothing left to give [Shit/cheers]... Chorus Life is like a love bank, I want an overdraft If life is like a love bank I want an overdraft x10 If life is like a love bank // the Wildhearts tend to tune down half a step for their songs, so in // all respects this is usually played in Eb with all the riffs up one fret // and all the chords #. For all the difference it makes! // Next up - Sick of Drugs!! // if you want any that aren't on the OLGA, let me know and I'll see about tabbing // it sometime
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