Will And The People – Masterpiece tab

Song: Masterpiece
Artist: Will and the People
Tab-writer: Mr.Mieppie

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'Masterpiece'

First chords are picked, then the theme starts which variates throughout the song. 
It is quite simple but sounds fantastic in their song!

E Dbm Abm A E Dbm Abm B 4/4 Gtr I H H H H H H H H|-0----4----|-4----5----|-0----4----|-4----2---||-0----5----|-4----5----|-0----5----|-4----4---||-1----6----|-4----6----|-1----6----|------4---||-2----6----|-6----7----|-2----6----|-6----4---||-2----4----|-6----7----|-2----4----|-6----2---||-0---------|-4----5----|-0---------|-4--------|
Q=61 Q E S S Q. E E E E Q|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------||-6-6-9-9-----------------||---------7--7-6-6-7-9----||-------------------------|
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