William Fitzsimmons – Beautiful Girl chords

Artist: William FitzsimmonsSong: Beautiful GirlAlbum: Gold in the Shadow (2011)tabbed by: necriononguitare-mail (NO SPAM!): tim.rathgen@gmx.de
REAL FANS SUPPORT BANDS BY PURCHASING THEIR CD'S!!! Tuning: Standard . = Palm-Muted ~ = hold note ^ = vibrate p = pull off h = hammer on / = slide up \ = slide down
Chords: F Am G Em Dm C C/BE----0---0--------0---5---0----------|B----1—-1>0--0>1--0---6---1---1------|G----2---2----0---0---7---0---0------|D----3---2----0---2---7---2---0------|A---(3)--0----2---2---5---3---2------|E-------------3---0------------------|
F Am G Em F Am G
F Am G Unfurl your gown
Em FA distant fuller skin
Am GI knew you once
F Am G My God the sun
Em FThe windows bear your bones
Am G Reveal your crime
Dm FBeautiful girl
C GLet the sunrise come again
Dm F C G (hit e-string once,fade)Beautiful girl
F Am G Your sailor eyes
Em F AmThe water in the well
GA thirst to fill
F Am G Let down your arms
Em F AmThe purging of this dark
GThe fall to free
Dm FBeautiful girl
C GLet the sunrise come again
Dm F CBeautiful girl
Dm F Beautiful girl
C GMay the weight of world resign
F C GYou will get better
F C GYou will get better
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