Classical Gas tab with lyrics by Williams Mason - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Williams Mason – Classical Gas tab

Chord voicings:

A Am A7sus Bb C D Db Dm D7 E Em E7 F G Gb G7e --0---0----3----1---0---2---1---1---2---0---0---0---1---3---2---1---B --2---1----3----3---1---3---2---3---1---0---0---0---1---0---2---0---G --2---2----2----3---0---2---1---2---2---1---0---1---2---0---3---0---D --2---2----2----0---2---0---3---0---0---2---2---0---3---0---4---0---A --0---0-------------3-------------------2---2---2-------2-------2---E ----------------------------------------0---0---0-------3-------3---
Note: Time signatures change at different points in song. 3/4 |Am |G |Em |Am |Am |G | 4/4 2/4 4/4 |Em |Am G Am G |C Am |E |Am |G | |Em |Am |Am |G |Em |Am | |Am |G |Em |Am |Am |G | 2/4 4/4 |Em |Am G |Am G |C Am |Em |F G | 6/4 3/4 4/4 |Am G |Am G |C F D7 G |E7 |Am D |D | 5/4 6/4 |Am D |D |Am D |D G |G C F Bb|A7sus | 4/4 |Dm |Db |Gb Db |Db |Gb Db |E | 5/4 6/4 4/4 |A E |E |A G |G C F Bb|A7sus |Dm | |Dm |Am |Am |Am |Am |Am | |Am |Am |Am G |C |G |Am | |G7 |C |G |Am |G |Em | 3/4 4/4 |Am G Am G |C F D G |E |Am |D |Am | 5/4 6/4 4/4 |D |Am |D |G C F Bb|A7sus |Dm | |Am |G |Em |Am |Am |G | |Em |Am |Am |G |Em |Am | |Am |G |Em |Am G |Am G |C Am | 2/4 4/4 3/4 4/4 |Em |F G |Am G Am G |C F D G |E7 Am|Am D G | |C F Bb|Dm |Dm |D |D |A |
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