Willie Nelson – Can I Sleep In Your Arms tab

C                   G7           C
Can I sleep in your arms tonight lady
It's so cold lying here all alone
    C                       F
And I have no holds to hold on you
C                 G7        C
I assure you I'll do you no wrong
                       G7         C
Don't know why but the one I love left me
Left me lonely and cold and so weak
    C                        F
And I need someone's arms to hold me
         C                    G7         C
Till I'm strong enough to get back on my feet
                 G7             C
I haven't smiled since she left me
Cause a smile somehow seems out of place
      C                     F
And I just need two lips to kiss me
       C                   G7            C 
Then I can smile again and I can show my face
repeat #1
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