Wills Bob – Faded Love tab

FADED LOVE (by John Wills & Bob Wills)
TAB by Greg Vaughn (ribtm@ttacs.ttu.edu) based on chords and lyrics 
    by Adam Schneider (indigo@ucscb.UCSC.EDU)

The tab is actually a simplified version of the fiddle intro. I included
the chord names in case you want to fill in the inner beats with chord
strums (like I do). I'm afraid you'll have to play with it to get the 
feel right for this. The intro is in D and changes key to E at the end.

Intro: D G De+-----------------------------------------------------------------------B+-----------------------------------------------------------------------G+-------2--2--4-2----------------------------------2--2--4-2------------D+-0--4--------------4--2--0-----0--0--2-0----0--4--------------4--2--0--A+-----------------------------------------------------------------------E+-----------------------------------------------------------------------
A D Ge+-----------------------------------------------------------------------B+-----------------------------------------------------------------------G+----------------------2--2--4-2----------------------------------------D+--2--2--4-2---0--4---------------4--2--0----0--0--2-0------------------A+-----------------------------------------------------------------------E+-----------------------------------------------------------------------
If you play chords use this Key Change for last 4 notes (C shape) D# Ee+-------------------------------------- ----2-----3--4--------------B+-------------------------------------- ----3-----4--5--------------G+-------------------------------------- ----2-----3--4--------------D+-----------4--2--2--0-0-----1--2------ ----4-----5--6--------------A+--3--2--0----------------------------- --5-5-----6--7--------------E+-------------------------------------- ----------------------------
[Each chord (or pair of chords joined by a hyphen) is one measure] E E7 A A As I look at the letters that you wrote to me E E B7 B7 It's you that I am thinking of E E7 A A As I read the lines that to me were so sweet E B7 E - A E I remember our faded love CHORUS: E E A A (I like barre chords I miss you, darling, more and more every day for the chorus -Greg) E E B7 B7 As heaven would miss the stars above E E A A With every heartbeat, I still think of you E B7 E - A E And remember our faded love E B7 E - A E [instrumental] As I think of the past and all the pleasures we had As I watched the mating of the doves It was in the springtime that you said goodbye I remember our faded love CHORUS
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