Wilson Pickett – Funky Broadway chords

Funky Broadway:Wilson Pickett.
#1 on BB Hot Soul Singles and #8 on Hot 100
on ATLANTIC Records in 1967.


EEvery town I go in, there's a street..
name of the street, ha..Funky, Funky Broadway. Down on Broadway..there's a nightclub. Now, now, name of the nightclub, now, baby.. Funky, Funky Broadway. #2.
EDown on Broadway there's a crowd, now..
name of the crowd, baby..Broadway Crowd. Down on Broadway, yeah..there's a dance step..ha! Name of the dance..Funky, Funky Broadway. #3.
EWiggle your legs now, baby..shake your head up.
Do the Shing-A-Ling now, baby..shake, shake, shake, now. You don't know, baby..you don't know now, woman. Do the Funky Broadway. (INTERLUDE:SAX:) E..Lord have mercy..oh, you got me feelin' alright. OUTRO:
EDirty, filthy, Broadway..don't I like Broadway, ha!
At Broadway, lookee here.. Down Broadway, there's a woman..name of the woman, ha!.. Broadway Woman. Down on Broadway, yeah..there's a man, ha!..Name of the man, now..(Fade.) A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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