Windoview - Miles Away chords

"Miles Away" by Windoview, off their album "Distractions"

This is all done by ear so if you find any mistakes or feel like something should be 
added, send a comment. All of the lyrics are from the band's YouTube page.

The chord changes seem odd written out like this, but play the song and you'll pick it
up quickly.

Chords used throughout song

E G#I feel like I'm sunburned
C#m B EBut how can these rays keep from touching my face
G#Even in the shadows
C#m B EThey'll find me and throw me I'll hold in the pain
G#Maybe they're right
C#m B EOr maybe were nothing the world spins in time
G#Hold back your reasons
C#m B EBy the end I'll be crazy when everything's fine
(E,B,C#,A) x2Oh my
A BWait today
E C#m A BThe futures got me feeling like its miles away
E C#m A BIt's easy to feel down but don't stay long just wait
E C#m A BI'm happy cause I'm with you is that enough to be happy
E G# C#m B EI rest my head on a sheet feel just like a kid
G# C#m B EI don't know what to think can you tell me you'll find it
G# C#mIf these people don't know you then why
B EDo you care what they think
G# C#mI'll hold your head before their words
B EPull you make you sink
(E,B,C#m,A) x2Oh my
E G#It's not a problem that we can just solve
C#mIt won't make a difference if you're sorry or wrong
BIf you don't feel like living well let's take a break
EStand up too quick and the lights seem to fade
G#There's not enough time in this life to explain
C#mTo understand worlds and its people their way
BIt all seems too much an inadequate fall
ATo listen and hear and appreciate all
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