Winter Johnny – Still Alive & Well tab

1  Did you ever look to see who is left around?     
2  When I think about the past it only brings me down
(Riff)                                C5       G5
E-|--5----------------------------------------------| B-|-----5-------------------------------------------| G-|--------7-7-5-7----------------------------------| D-|----------------5--------------------------------| A-|------------------3---5--------------------------| E-|-------------------------3--5--------------------|
A5 Everyone I thought was cool is six feet under ground make love in the grass while the sun is shining down
(Riff) C5 G5 E-|-------------------------------------------------| B-|---5-----5---------------------------------------| G-|---5-----5---------------------------------------| D-|------7-----7------5-----------------------------| A-|-----------------------3----5--------------------| E-|--------------------------------3---5------------|
E(5) They tried to get me lots of times and now they're It feels so good your long blond hair baby F#m G coming after you I got out and I'm here to say when you're down low make me shake make the whole earth quake D5 E5 A 1 Baby you can get out to I'm Still alive and well, 2 So everyone will know D5 C5 A5 2 I'm still alive and well (coda) D E A 1. I'm still alive and well every now and then its kind of hard E D5 C5 A5 to tell I'm still alive and well
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