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From: "Matthew Kilsby" 
Subject: l/lightning_seeds/outdoor_miner.crd
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 19:34:09 +0100

This is 'outoor miner' by the lightning seeds and is a b-side to the ready
or not single.  It is a superb song and is pretty easy to play.  If you have
any suggestions or corrections then e-mail me at Matt.Kilsby@BTInternet.com

Chords used

-A- -C#m- -B- -E- -G-|-5- -4- -x- -0- -3-|-5- -5- -2- -2- -2-|-6- -6- -4- -2- -0-|-7- -6- -4- -1- -0-|-7- -4- -4- -0- -0-|-5- -4- -2- -0- -3-|
1st verse ********* A C#m No blind spots in leopard's eyes, B A Can only help to jeopordize C#m B A,C#m,B,A The lives of lambs and shephard cries A C#m An ourdoor life for a silver fish B A Till dust, less ticklish C#m B A,C#m,B,A And a clean room, the house guest's wish Chorus (x2) *********** E He lies on his side A Is he trying to hide G The fact of the earth B That he's known since birth. 2nd verse ********* (same chords as 1st verse) Face worker, serpantine miner The roof falls among the liner The leaf structure, the egg timer. Chorus (x2) *********** Instrumental ************ A,C#m,B,A Repeat these chords over and over under the melody played on piano or keyboard. Chorus (x4) ***********
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