Wombles – The Wombling Song tab

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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 10:14:47 +0000
Subject: w/wombles/the_wombling_song.crd
From: "Sparkle" 

The Wombling Song
The Wombles (and Mike Batt)


C   Cmaj7   Am7   C
D   D7      D6    D7
G   G7      G6    G7
C  C7-C     G     C

Verse 1:

C   Cmaj7   Am   C
F   C       Dm   G
C   Cmaj7   Am   C
F   C       Dm   G


A   A7   Dm  Dm7
G   C    E7
Am  Am7  F   G

verse 2: same chords as verse 1
repeat introduction
verse 3: same chords as verse 1
chorus 2: same chords as chorus 1
repeat verse 1

repeat introduction and end.
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