Wonderwall – Touch The Sky chords

c WonderwallW&M: Wonderwall
Album: Lauras Stern OST, Single: Touch The Sky
C G Wheres the smile gone?
Dm FThat made me smiling too.
C GWheres the time gone?
Amsus9 F Am That showed me that You love me too.
C GWheres the sun gone?
Dm FBringing light into my day and
F C/EShowing me moments,
Dm GOf a new way life can be.
C GCome on girl just try
Am FYou can touch the sky
C GYou can learn to fly
Am FAnd the stars will be your guide
C GClose your eyes and try
Am FYou can touch the sky
C GEven miles away you’ll see
F G CTogether you and me.
2. If we believe it Theres a way to do it right. So call out my name and Every time Ill be by your side. Theres a new morning Bringing light in to your day and Showing you moments Of a new way life can be. Chorus Bridge
C FEverytime
C/E DmWhen I see you shine
Am C/DI know you and me
F GWe are together
C FEverytime,
C/E DmWhen I see you smile
Am C/DEven if youre far away
F GWe wont be parted (Wont be parted)
Chorus End
F G C Together you and me
ist the first time for me, try it and write me it would be something better!
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