Woodbox Gang – Dirty Sponge chords

Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Drunk As Dragons

Dirty Sponge

Dm G DmTroubles, I know troubles, troubles are what I know best
Dm G DmNot the kind that make you a rebel, just the kind that make you depressed
Dm G DmConfidential conversation spoken without hesitation half a decibel above silently
Dm G DmViolently or quietly I invite them in sighingly, everyone confides in me
F C G Like a dirty sponge soaking up the misery of the world
C FI guess someone's got to wipe their filthy mouth
F C DmAn ugly sponge, heavy, full of dirt and ugly words
Dm A DmAnd it's about to wring me out
VERSE 2 I used to have bigger ears and more years to see the tears And to hear the fears of my fellow man Now it is the opposite, I think those folks are full of shit And I find it hard to give a good goddamn VERSE 3 Wring me out and get me clean in a metaphorical washing machine Kerosene, bleach, and alcohol I'm constipated with this hatred and if I was God I would have made it Impossible to speak or hear at all
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