Woodpigeon – Knock Knock chords

Artist: Woodpigeon
Song: Knock Knock
Album: Treasury Library Canada
Tabbed by: Don Tago
Email: recebedou@yahoo.com

Standard Tuning: [Capo IV]

Chords used: 
Am:  002210
C:   332010
F:   133211
G:   320033

Verse 1 chords:
C G C F And when I awoke from my sleeping
C G Am F You'd gone away again
C G C F C G So I ran from my bed to the water's edge
Am FBut it's only a dream
Chorus 1 chords:
C G Am FDon't spend your life all alone
C G Am FWho cares who's around anyhow
C G Am FI look behind and I know
C G Am FI'm not getting up
Verse 2: use verse 1 chords So we jumped right on in from the riverbed And we just swam away When the winter came it froze us in I guess we'll stay for a bit Chorus 2: use chorus 1 chords Don't spend your life all alone Who cares who's around anyhow I look behind and I know I'm not getting up The spring's coming fast To melt all the snow
Outro Riff: played throughout outroe|-0h1p0--------------------------------------|B|-------1---1-1-----1---1-----1---1----1-----|G|---------2-----0h2---0---0h2---0------------|D|------------------------------------2-------|A|----------------------------------------3---|E|--------------------------------------------|
Outro: [repeat many times then fade-out]
F C Am GKnock knock, is anyone there?
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